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Join Christine from Sunday Knitting & Crochet Leicester for this week's #CraftyInTheCity and learn how-to knit spiral socks.

Meeting Details

Date & time: Every Sunday from 2-4pm
Address: The Exchange, 50 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RD

Where was the workshop held and what was the venue like?

We chose The Exchange for our venue because it is well lit and we can usually find a big round table to all fit around. As a nice bonus the cafe also has a nice selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and homemade food.

Who’s in your group?

The group currently has about 10 active members from all walks of life and age wise ranging from early twenties to a couple of pensioners. Usually 3 to 6 members show up at a meeting. We don’t run classes as such. Instead, everybody brings their own project and we use each other to get advice and ideas and generally to just have a nice time together on a Sunday afternoon.

What are the main crafts your group do?

Our Members mainly do knit or crochet but anyone who’s interested in yarn related crafts would be welcome in our group.

Can anyone join and how should we sign up?

Yes, anyone can join. We also welcome beginners so if you’re curious about knitting or crochet but not sure how to get started we’re happy to help you along – just bring your own yarn and needles/crochet hook. If you’re thinking of joining us it’s a good idea to join our facebook or meetup group (see links above) so we know you’re coming.

What’s projects is everyone working on at the moment?

For today’s meeting everyone has brought knitting projects. Cathy is working on an ambitious multi-coloured Kaffe Fassett baby blanket and Annmarie is working on a turquoise vintage pullover. Meriel is knitting hexagons for a bed-throw but has also brough her knitted Nemo-hat along for finishing. Rachel is knitting flowers to decorate the chuppah at her mother’s upcoming wedding, Angela has just started knitting a lace scarf and I’m knitting an autumn coloured pair of socks.

Where else should we check out when we’re in town?

Leicester is an old city with many historical sites so if you haven’t been to Leicester before it’s definitely worth going on one of the guided walking tours or checking out the grave of Richard III in Leicester cathedral. Leicester also has a good market, where you can also buy materials and sewing accessories. For lunch, I would recommend one of Leicester many independent cafés, e.g. St Martin’s Tea and Coffee in St. Martin’s Square, Deli Flavour in the Silver Arcade or The Turkey Café or Brü in Granby Street.

Where are the best places to buy craft supplies to bring to your group?

If you’re looking for quality wool and knitting/crochet supplies I recommend Knit One on Queens Road – if they don’t have the brand you’re looking for they are happy to order it and they are always friendly and helpful.
If you’re looking for low cost synthetic yarn or wool/synthetic blends Poundtastic near the market is worth a visit. They also have cheap needles/hooks etc. so if you’re not sure if knitting or crochet is for you but would like to give it a try without spending a lot of money then Poundtastic is a good place to start.

Is there anything else we should know?

You can find the Sunday knitting and crochet group in the “Leicestershire Yarn and Needle Craft” meetup group (link above) along with listing of many of the other knitting, crochet and sewing groups in Leicestershire.
I started the meetup group a few years ago to make it easier for groups to find new members and for new comers to find groups. If you’re looking for a group near you, “Leicestershire Yarn and Needle Craft” is a good place to begin and if you’ve started a group yourself and are looking for members you are welcome to post information about it in the “Leicestershire Yarn and Needle Craft” event calendar.

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Gail J.
Gail J. · Brisbane, Queensland, AU
Love Knitting Hello ladies my name is Gail, I am in Australia. I belong to a knitting group here. thr group I belong to do items for those less fortunate. Items made are a varity, hats, scarfs, socks, mittens, jumpers etc etc..The list is endless. As for myself, I do knitting and I make knitted hand puppets. They are a made up pattern. I beleive the wool talks. I enjoy what I call crazy wool. Anything that is different, e.g.feathers, eyelash, ostrich, anything that is different to just plain ply. Once I see the wool/yarn I can imagine what i can make. cats, dogs, monsters etc etc. I love doing them. My puppets often go to hospital or used for kiddies who are in counselling. The kiddie will often talk through the puppet what their problem is etc. and the puppet will not tell their secert.. As to the reason I love making them.
I have been in this group for approx. 8 years.
The groups that are around have sessions like yourselves and are called " Knit & Natters". I myself have not been to any of them as I live a far distance away (a couple of hours). I had been a carer for my late mother, and I am trying to get my health back on track due to putting all my time & effort into caring for mum. But would love to start up a group myself, here at my house I have a lovely back deck which has nice warm places for winter & is nice & shady & cool for summer. I live in Sunny, beautiful Queenslan in a town called Gympie.
I will close for now, would love to hear back from you.
Best knitting wishes.
Gail Johnson. ComputerHappyKnitting
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