City Of London Dry Gin

We're experimenting with City Of London Dry Gin for today's #CocktailHour and mixing up a London Haze, Breakfast Martini and some Lemon & Raspberry Gin Muffins.

Classic: London Haze

It doesn't get anymore classic that a London Fog when mixing a cocktail inspired by the Big Smoke but we couldn't resist putting a Parisian twist on our drink, combing City Of London Gin with La Fee Absinthe for a hazy twist.

Twist: Lemon & Raspberry Gin Muffins

These lemon & poppy seed muffins are infused with City Of London Dry Gin and covered in a bright pink raspberry jam icing.

Unique: Breakfast Martini

This City Of London Dry Gin martini is shaken win freshly brewed tea, lemon and raspberry jam for a cocktail you can enjoy at breakfast or anytime of the day.

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