Emily Chloe recreates the look of Debbie Harry from Blondie for #MakeoverMonday and gives her an edgy rock makeover.

Blondie is known for her rocker / edgy look, and her hair and makeup works effortlessly with her style. Having based my look and style for over 10 years on Blondie. I love the rawness and the simplicity to her look, everything is kind of a bit messy and texturised and that is the reason Blondie has been my style icon for years.

Classic Look

I've always loved vintage, whether that be music, fashion, icons, and despite Blondie being a 1970's / 1980's singer, she has always had her own style. Blondie is a leader, not a follower. Something I choose to take with me.


I kept the edginess and rocker elements of Blondie's classic makeup look. I wanted to create a look that was unique, bold and daring. So the look I created has the rocker and edginess to it, but I've given it a twist with the eyeliner and a bold lip.

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