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balletLorent invited us to their rendition of Snow White at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre for #CraftyInTheCity and inspired by the gorgeous forrest set from the ballet, we created a Jackalope Hat Stand you can easily recreate at home with any rabbit mask this Easter.


Address: Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Phone: 0191 233 1811
Website: http://www.balletlorent.com

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When I was little, I used to go to the ballet every Christmas with my Mum, so I was so excited when balletLORENT invited us to see their take on Snow White at the Festival Theatre.

Snow white bill cooper 563

The ballet had been updated into a more grown-up and modern version of the story, with her actual mother playing the role of the evil queen and the dwarves replaced by miners who looked amazing in steampunk style outfits, dancing to contemporary metal music.

Snow white bill cooper 383

The set was beautiful with a giant dressing table filled with hidden compartments and drawers for the dancers to hide in.

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In the second half of the performance, the table was spun around, transforming into the forrest and then the cottage where Snow White lived with the dwarves.

The show ended happily ever after with Snow White marrying the Huntsman and I was filled with inspiration to craft a jewelry & makeup box inspired by the dressing table from the set.

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