Fernanda recreates the look of Emilie Autumn for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a mother earth inspired makeover.

I like how she dramatizes the makeup, as she can use strong colors and let them obscure to match your tone of music.I especially like the colors she chooses, because the vast majority are my favorite colors.

Classic Look

It's a mixture of a dark red with some sparkles in similar tone, marking your eyes with black eyeliner pencil, and the classic heart down the eye.
It's easy to create, I think is just os mixed of colors and of course the heart is the key element to look like a Emilie Autumn makeup's.


This was very hard to me, beacause I never think about other makeups in Emilie Autumn, she has that dark and classic type of makeup, but I tried to do something really different without this dark side of her makeup.

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