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Learn how-to bake a Pavlamington in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Lisa from Tea & Craft in Perth, Australia.

What I like about Perth food is that it is really varied; we have a really great mix of cultures, lots of fresh local produce, and a ton of foodies! There are so many bars, food trucks, cafes, restaurants, and food markets in Perth and lots of them are doing really interesting and creative things with their recipes. Perth city architecture is a mix of old and new, and I think our food is too. My recipe is kinda of a re-think of a classic CWA style recipe, but there were so many directions I could have gone in! My original idea was actually a meat pie, inspired by the Italian influences of my home town, but Perth is also famous for its seafood and wine, has cultural influences from all over Asia and Europe, and, of course, Indigenous Australians have lived in Western Australia and Perth for over 40, 000 years and so have a long tradition of hunting and gathering bush tucker.

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There are so many places I'd like to visit - but I've just started learning Japanese, so one day I'd like to go there and try lots of delicious foods. Especially real mochi!

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