Our Sidekicks are getting arty with PanPastels for today's #CraftTest and showing you how-to create a range of artwork at home. Want to win some PanPastels to try for yourself? Click below to enter:

Avocado Drawing by Chris

What I really like about Pan Pastel is being able to mix the pigments to create new colours. I also like being able to add touches of pigments to alter the colours already applied to the painting or add highlights, shading etc.

Flower Field by Katie

Using the pan pastels was so easy, the pigmentation was excellent and it took to every surface i used it on. Overall i was really pleased with the results.

Pastel Cat by Cat

I loved how easy the PanPastels were to blend. You can dab a tiny bit of colour on your brush and create a really soft gradient as you blend it out - perfect for adding touches of colour to your illustrations.

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