Adjustable Rolling Pin

We're trying out the Adjustable Rolling Pin from Joseph Joseph for today's #CraftTest and baking cookies and noodles for you to recreate at home.

Mexican Day Of The Dead Sugar Cookies by Katie

I loved using the Joseph & Joseph rolling pin. I always find it a struggle to eyeball depths of pastry and cookie mix, so to know I was getting the perfect measurement made life so easy. The colours are really cute too and it's so simple to clean. A most excellent addition to my kitchen tool repertoire.

Homemade Egg Noodles by Brenna

What is awesome about this tool is I made three different sizes of noodles today and they all came out perfect using the Joseph Joseph! It makes cooking or baking super easy when it comes to getting even sizes every time. Fantastic!

Sweet Tooth Cookies by Cat

Getting your cookies to look uniform can be frustratingly tricky but this rolling pin made it so easy to roll out the dough to the perfect thickness over and over again!

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