Jewelry Stamping Kit from Makers Kit

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with a Jewelry Stamping Kit from Makers Kit for today's #CraftTest and have created ten tutorials for you to try at home!

Stamped Metal Terrarium Necklace by Vanessa

I liked that these kits included everything you needed to make more than one of each project. The video tutorials on the MakersKit.com website were also super helpful in visually letting you follow the project step-by-step.

Love Necklace by Ashley

I would have liked a variety of blanks and metals to work with, but the gold was cool! The letters are small, so a lot can fit on the blanks.

Stamped Metal Jewelry by Kristi

I am absolutely hooked on metal stamping now - I want to stamp everything! It was so fun, so quick and SO EASY! With just a little bit of practice, I was able to get the technique down really quickly and I made my first necklace within minutes! I love the fact that the MakersKit includes everything you need to get started; I just opened the box and started playing around, making cool stuff right away!

Fancy Dog Collar Choker by Anna

MyMakers metal stamping kit gives you the awesome ability to make professional looking tags in as little as 1 minute! Which gives you plenty of time to to think about a creative project to base around your stamped tag. I have two pups of my own which inspired me to use the tag like a dog tag. I also like to experiment with chains and found that by braiding it I came up with a cool mudled up pattern, so by combining these two ideas you end up with a cute, elegant, and quirky necklace :)

Love Grows Ribbon Necklace by Katrina

I loved the materials that were in the kit. Very durable!

Bow Tie Cat Collar by Cat

This was such a great kit. It's heavy duty but compact and a simple way to personalize your metal crafts.

Jewelry Stamping by Ashley

This made me feel like Christmas can happen when making these nice personalized necklaces.

Stamped, Old Spoon, Terrarium Windchime by Danielle

I received the Jewelry stamping kit and the Vial terrarium kit from Makers kit and was amazed at the amount of the material that was supplies. The stamping kit even came with a little hammer for stamping. The Vial terrarium had enough supplies to do all three vials and then some. The kits do not come with written instructions to visit their website at mymakerskit.com to watch helpful, short videos on your kit. After watching the video and getting an idea of what to do I was off and running with ideas in my head. By not putting written instructions for each kit I think it helps you use your imagination and come up with your own perfect project. and I did :-)

Jewelry Stamping by Anna

I enjoyed receiving this kit, i had been wanting to try this out, i like how the stamps are big enough to hold and not worry about hitting my thumb or hand with the hammer. Their is endless projects that you can make with this kit. I liked that the kit came with all the tools nessecary to make a lot of projects.

Diy Jewelry Stamping by Samantha

I absolutely love my Jewelry Stamping Kit! It is very fun and easy to use and makes beautiful tags and can be used multiple ways not just with jewelry.

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