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Come behind the scenes at Ric Rac and tour Jodie's colourful sewing room filled with adorable plushies.

My absolute favourite thing about this space is that I have it. I spent many years crafting on the end of the kitchen table, shoving things into tubs and under beds to keep spaces livable and now with this space I don't have to.
I don't have to share it with half a laundry or a study and it doesn't need to be turned back into a guest room at the drop of a hat.
I love that my craft work doesn't have to be interrupted or packed away.

HerNameIsAlixx recreates the 50's inspired style of Imelda May.

I love her style as it revolves around the classic and modern interpretations of 50's fashion. she mainly wears fitted dresses, with the exception of a few party petticoats! her signature item is her quiff, which, when asked for styling tips, she simply says "Just use a tonne of hairspray.

Learn how-to frame a stamped image in #TechniqueTuesday with Peg from Peg's Crafting Corner.

We're experimenting with a smoked salmon kit from Hot Smoked for today's #CraftTest and cooking smoked salmon, sushi, pate and a tart.

Want to try smoking salmon yourself? Click below to win your own kit!

2130 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48216 • Visit Website »

Mix a Whiskey Sour, EFK and The Last Word cocktail with Sugar House in Detroit, Michigan.

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The Social Bite Cookbook

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We chat to Margaret, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to cook a Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad and Veggie Spinach & Baby Potatoes.

Hello I am a writer and social researcher currently living between Barcelona and Glasgow. I am currently writing a novel, a guide book on Barcelona and working on a health research evaluation project.
Leicester, United Kingdom •

Learn how-to bake a traditional Leicester Sand Cake in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Amy in Leicestershire, England.

Lisa from Dazed & Beautiful recreates the makeup of Adele for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a grungy makeover.

I love how classic Adele's style is. She is the perfect example of being effortlessly glamorous. I love her 1950's pin up style and that it is so simple but can go with any occasion from an album cover to a red carpet.

Cheryl recreates the cosy book filled home of TV detective Sherlock Holmes for DIYTheRoom.

I've been intrigued with Sherlock's Flat from the first episode; the wallpaper, the scattered papers, the various science experiments. Every time I look at a photo or watch an episode, I seem to spot something new that I hadn't noticed before. The flat seems to be quite dark which also makes it seem cozy, especially with all of the books spilling off the shelves and the tea cups strewn about. The flat is bursting with information about all kinds of things, which makes sense since Sherlock is a detective, after all. This flat seems like the perfect place to be on a rainy day with the lights low, a hot cup of tea, and reading a good book in one of the armchairs.

Lauren Saxton is a self-taught artist who lives in Arizona with her husband and cats. Much of her work is influenced by fairy tales, history, and nature, and she wants her work to transport the viewer to sweetly mysterious and magical places. She found a deep connection with the pop surrealism movement and began to pursue her artwork more seriously in 2009, and has sold her work ever since both online and through galleries.

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