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Manchester is such a beautifully diverse city. You can be anyone you want to be and everyone is catered for. Whether that be your love for photography, vintage fashion or football. There are places you can go to be around like minded people and you are able to express yourself. The weather may not be the Bahamas, but its also not monsoon season 365 days a year! The city is filled with sights and landmarks. These dating back to the Victorian to the modern day.

Our Sidekicks are getting creative in the kitchen with oils from Cochrane Cottage in today's Craft Test and cooking a Lime Drizzle Avocado Edamame Salad, Lime Coconut Cupcakes, Hasselback Potatoes and a Sweet & Sticky Onion Chutney.

You can win some for yourself by clicking below and CO+K members get 10% off orders at the Cochrane Cottage website with the code CutOut10.

Come behind the scenes at Wattlebird and tour Annie's craft room in Detroit, Michigan.

It started out as a pretty basic unfinished basement, so I had the ability to really put my own stamp on it. I'm a compulsive decorator/re-arranger, so it's fun to have a space that I can constantly add stuff to.

Amy recreates the free & easy style of singer Avril Lavigne in her What The Hell music video.

I think Avril Lavigne has a free spirit. She loves being free and independent. Her personality and clothes show that she can stay young forever and life's too short to listen to peoples criticism.

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Meet the kitties at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium and bake some popcorn cupcakes with Cat from Cat Food.

Learn how-to create easy monoprint backgrounds with Peg from Peg's Crafting Corner and then try your hand at some of her lovely tags and layouts.

Our sidekicks are trying out Lumiere Fabric Paint from Jacquard in this week's Craft Test and have created a huge range of projects for you try at home. To win some paint to try yourself, just click below.

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Betty K.

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We head to Long Island to meet Betty who loves to start projects and eventually finished most of them!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found CO+K by chance back in 2007! I joined because the concept of a website that crowd-sourced project ideas and tutorials was new to me and incredibly useful.

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I've got three costumes in progress (Cupid from Arrow, the Impala from Supernatural & Daria), all for my first Con (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con)! Once these are done I'm planning on a getting back to my easel with a painting & a drawing in mind.

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The Crafter's Guide to Patterns

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We chat to Jessica, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make a simple screen print.

My name is Jessica Swift, and I'm a full-time artist -- painter and surface pattern designer -- and author in Portland, Oregon, USA. I create products in my home studio and sell them on my website, license my work for a variety of products, and teach a popular online course called Pattern Camp (which is currently open for registration, with class starting June 6th!). You can find more about me on my website at jessicaswift.com

Ashly recreates the quirky New York basement apartment of Kimmy from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

I am a big fan of Kimmy from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series. She's vibrant, positive and her living space reflects this. While Kimmy's apartment style feels somewhat random, it is all tied together with aquas, pinks, golds and interesting textures. It just made sense to find projects that follow suite

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