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PixieFey recreates the geeky apartment of Leonard & Sheldon from the set of TV Show, Big Bang Theory.

I love the comfy look of Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, plenty of storage, lots of shelving units filled with books and of course all the comic book collectibles and sci fi film memorabilia dotted around. I could quite happily live here myself.

Outfit Details

  • Cardigan - forever 21
  • Shirt - forever 21
  • Skirt - kohls
  • Shoes - DIY (see below)

DIY Rainbow Sneakers

Recreate the look with Lena's Rainbow Sneakers tutorial:

Check out Diy Rainbow Sneakers on Cut Out + Keep

Rotterdam has a lot to offer, there’s something in it for everyone. From shops, parks, restaurants to entertainment, high-tech architecture and a subway. Many hot spots are located in the city center, on walking distance from each other. I especially love the places where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a tasty sandwich.

Come behind the scenes at The Crafted Life and tour Rachel's craft room & office in Portland, Oregon.

I'd have to say the size! After living in San Francisco (and working from home in my 400 sq ft apt) for a few years it feels good to finally have the space to spread out while I work.

1547 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 2Z4, Canada • Visit Website »

Knit a Speckled Eyelet Scarf with The Loop in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Markee recreates the fun & quirky style of silent film starlet Clara Bow.

Clara Bow was the original 'it' girl, and has been inspiring fashion for generations. She seemed to just throw fun and quirky stuff together with ease, and had the confidence to pull it off every time. She was one of the first movie stars to wear men's clothing, and loved adorning her hair with stars and scarves. She was a huge animal lover as well. I've always been inspired by her fashion, because she manages to use it to allow her unique and fabulous personality shine through it.

225 Congress St Portland, ME, United States • Visit Website »

Cook a Mashed Potato, Bacon & Scallion Pizza with OTTO in Portland, Maine.

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Flower Crowns

Shelf 1612434479.01.lzzzzzzz

We chat to Christy, give you a chance to win the book and learn how to make a Faux Flower Headband & a Summer Concert Fresh Flower Crown.

Hi! I'm Christy Meisner Doramus, owner of @CrownsbyChristy (www.crownsbychristy.com) and author of FLOWER CROWNS: 30 DIY Floral Creations. I live in Manhattan and design flower crowns and floral installations.

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Divya N.

Normal square dsc 4400

We head to Chennai to meet jewelry designer Divya.

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found it a long time ago through a friend's blog and loved the projects I found

What projects are you currently working on?

I just finished making 3 lines of jewelry for an upcoming show - one is called Xian and is a collection of hand painted necklaces on leather. The second is called Paprika which incorporates very unusual (textured) paper focals and the third is called the Bohemian affair which is a set of metal and yarn necklaces that have a very bohemian feel.

Julie recreates the Edwardian rustic style kitchen from Downton Abbey.

In the Edwardian era, inspiration was borrowed from the Victorian era and what 'modern' should be. This recreated the early 20th century. Downton abbey is no different. The love of useful yet pretty objects is seen in its copper wares, decoration, and even the aprons. Canning jars, canisters of all sorts, porcelain, and wood tables and shelving make up this kitchen. I have compiled a list of tutorials that will help you get this look.

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    Beautiful, this is my dream come true...
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    I would love to be a tester for that pen. I've been wondering if it really works. Vikkigalyean@yahoo.comLove
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    Thanks for sharing this Cat. I really enjoyed it. Some people I didn't recognise but some were very realistic. Would love to go there one day.Love
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    I notices Strawberry Shortcake Collection character Lemon Meringue and her pet Frappe' with her sewing machine I had the dolls but not the miniatures.
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    New things are always happening in Casper. Hancock Fabrics is closed, and the Natrona County Library now has a makerspace with sewing machines, a serger, an embroidery machine, a cricut maker and a...