The Really Garlicky Company

Our Sidekicks are experimenting with fresh garlic scapes from The Really Garlicky Company in this week's Craft Test and using them to cook baba ganoush, pesto and croutons. CO+K members can get an extra bulb of garlic with any order placed in October by using the code CUTOUT in the special delivery instructions box.

Want to try out some garlic for yourself? Click below to win a hamper from The Really Garlicky Company filled with a selection of garlicky treats!

Baba Ganoush & Melba Toast by Annemarie

I received a sample of the Garlicky Garlic and was surprised to find that it was stocks & not in a jar. It was quite interesting. I treated it just like normal bulb garlic and made a Baba Ganouch with it. I found it was not too garlicky but very nice.

Garlic & Pine Nut Pesto by Cat

The scapes were so fresh and gave a really unique earthy taste to the pesto which worked perfectly with the pine nuts and parmesan.

Garlic Scape Croutons by Laura

I really enjoyed the fresh, garlicky taste of these seasonal Scapes

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