The Big Cheese Making Kit

Our Sidekicks are making their own halloumi with The Big Cheese Making Kit in today's #CraftTest and using their homemade cheese to make stuffed peppers, panko crumbed halloumi, fritters and mint halloumi.

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Couscous And Homemade Halloumi Stuffed Peppers by Hayley

The result was much tastier than shop bought halloumi and is a great way to impress your guests. I couldn’t believe 4 bottles of milk made so much cheese!

Panko Crumbed Halloumi With Yellow Tomato Sauce by Jane

I’ve often fancied trying to make cheese, but recipes I’ve seen have either needed too much specialist equipment or made vast quantities, far too much for a family. But this kit made a useful 900g in one batch, a perfect quantity. It is very important to use unhomogenised milk, so check carefully when you are shopping – the gold top milk needed comes in two forms, one with the cream on top and the other with it blended in. Only the one with the cream on top will do, and not all supermarkets sell it. The instructions are very clear and laid out in simple step by step stages. Although there are a lot of steps to follow, each step is simple and clearly explained, and the cheese I made was delicious – a very rich, creamy flavour with that characteristic halloumi “squeak”.

Mint Halloumi by Jenny

I loved this kit because it was super easy, and the instructions were easy even for me to follow! The pictures were informative and now I've got everything I need to make loads more delicious cheese. I'm going to be unstoppable!

Carrot, Halloumi & Beetroot Fritters by Cat

Following the instructions in the kit, our halloumi turned out great and tasted delicious. We used half to make grilled cheeses and the rest to make some tasty vegetable fritters.

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