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Amigurumi Fairy Tales

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We chat to Tessa van Riet-Ernst, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to crochet a little duckling.

Hi, I’m Tessa van Riet-Ernst and I am from the Netherlands. I live in a place called Alphen aan den Rijn, a city near Amsterdam. I’m married and have three children - two boys and a little girl. I started crocheting and designing amigurumi in 2005. Alongside, I opened a webshop, selling yarn and crochet accessories, and it was quite a success. I gave workshops to teach others how to crochet and, before I knew, I had a brick-and-mortar store stuffed with yarn and - luckily - a lot of customers. In 2011 my store grew too big to handle in combination with my growing kids. I made the decision to sell the store and dedicate my time to my family and become a full time amigurumi designer. I was not an easy choice to make but I really enjoy my life as it is now. I have the time to do what I love doing most: Taking care of my kids and designing! Between 2010 and now I have written about 10 books. "Amigurumi Fairy Tales" is my latest.

PixeyFey recreates the retro style of a typical room from the 1980's.

I made this board because of my current love of the series, The Goldbergs.

Skopje, Macedonia • Visit Website »

Learn how-to make traditional Macedonian Baked Beans with Maya in Skopje.

Outfit Details

  • Top - J. Crew
  • Jeans - Loft (DIY rips)
  • Wedges - Off Broadway
  • Ray-Ban Aviators - Nordstrom
  • Arrow Necklace - Stella & Dot
  • Tennessee Necklace - Etsy
  • Bracelets - Stella & Dot

Diy Distressed Denim

Recreate the look with Christi's distressed denim jeans tutorial:

Check out Diy Distressed Denim on Cut Out + Keep

Our Sidekicks are experimenting with fresh garlic scapes from The Really Garlicky Company in this week's Craft Test and using them to cook baba ganoush, pesto and croutons. CO+K members can get an extra bulb of garlic with any order placed in October by using the code CUTOUT in the special delivery instructions box.

Want to try out some garlic for yourself? Click below to win a hamper from The Really Garlicky Company filled with a selection of garlicky treats!

Markee recreates the style of an Americana road trip with everything you need for an On The Road inspired party!

I'd love to go to this party, because it's the next best thing to packing up your stuff, jumping in a car, and taking in the beautiful landscapes of America. Keeping in the spirit of Jack Kerouac this party intertwines music, poetry with the sense of an Americana road trip.

Victoria, BC, Canada • Visit Website »

Victoria is a city which I fall in love over and over again the older I get. The people here are friendly and we have the perfect balance of a city that is not too big and not too small . Whenever I travel and come home it always makes me appreciate the character this city has along with its diverse culture and activities it has to offer. I am a loud proud Islander and Victorian and love inviting people over to "the rock" to show them just how amazing this city is. It may not be a place that has ever been on your list but I promise you once you leave you will be raving about your island adventure.

59 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065 Australia • Visit Website »

Learn how-to cast on, knit stitch, cast off and make a scarf with Yarn + Cø in Victoria, Australia.

Bake a traditional apple crisp with Catherine from Wisconsin in the USA.

Come behind the scenes at Le Zoe Musings and see Kellie's chic office in Boston.

It's has two windows giving the space plenty of natural light

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