Cyanotype Kit from Jacquard

Our Sidekicks are printing with a Cyanotype Kit from Jacquard in today's #CraftTest and making ten awesome projects for you to try at home!

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Scissor Print Cyanotype Tights by Cat

When our Cyanotype Kit arrived from Jacquard, I had a look around the CO+K office for something awesome to print with when I spotted my scissors jar and knew they would look amazing on tights.

Cyanotype Prints by Amy

It was fun to be scientific in the artroom and use a process developed in 1842. My results varied dramatically, but now that I know what what works best for me, I look forward to using Jacquard's Cyanotype Kit again! This process would be excellent to create silhouette images on T-shirts, aprons, hats, or reusable cloth grocery bags, and could also be used to create interesting scrapbook layout titles or card sayings using chipboard letters or stickers on fabric or paper.

Cyanotype Tie Dye by Kristi

The Jacquard Cyanotype Sensitizer Set was surprisingly easy to use! Simply add water, mix the chemicals, brush it on and expose to the sun - that's it! The really cool part is how well it works, it's like a science experiment creating your own custom art! The instructions were easy to understand and follow, and the set includes enough supplies to create several full-size projects. I had so much fun with the whole process and cannot wait to create more beautiful cyanotype designs!

Fabric Scissor Case by Pam

Buttons, safety pins and sewing scissors put on top of the fabric while its exposed to UV light creates the prints like magic, well its science, but its pretty amazing." or "The Cyanotype Sensitizing Set lets your create custom prints like magic, well its science, but its pretty amazing.

Cyanotype Printing by Peg

The Cyanotype Set by Jacquard gives a great look to any projects from mixed media to paper crafts. It may look hard, but it really isn't! It's a must try for anyone looking for a new technique to use.

Cyanotype Bunting by Virginie

I really enjoyed working with this product. The biggest challenge for me was to find a dark place to work in, but once I had everything set up, the process was really easy to follow. The instructions are simple and well explained on the product. It is quite fascinating how the printing happens, when the blue develops under your eyes as you rince the paper under water. I love the end results and I can't wait to try it again with new media such as film negatives.

Cyanotyping On Fabric by Ashi

it's a project you can do with friends / family and so much fun with the endless possibilities!

Photo Print Crop Top by Brooke

I like that the product is versatile and that Jacquard provides an online cyanotype generator.

Cyanotype Throw Pillow by Kristen

I thought the product was really easy to use. All we had to do was add water in equal parts to each bottle, let them sit for a day, then mix them together as needed for our projects. How much easier does that get? The dyeing instructions could have been a bit clearer, like what kind of stencils or photo negatives to use, but otherwise I really enjoyed using the product. I can't wait to play with it again soon!

Printed Scarf by Chriss

I really enjoyed the cyanotype printing process a lot, and I can definitely see myself making another attempt at some point in the future. My prints weren't very successful, but I think that was due more to inexperience than anything being wrong with the kit itself, and I think if I kept trying it's something that would be very simple to learn. I don't think the kit itself could be improved upon in any way.

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