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Join Maya at the Make Your Own Ceramics workshop at Keramika Café, Skopje and learn how-to make your own clay mushroom.

Workshop Details


1st August 2015

Hosted By: Tatyana Bogoevska


Keramika Café, Skopje

Price: 10 EUR (including 500 g of white clay, paint & glaze)

Tell us a little bit about the workshop, the aim of the class and who it was organised by?

The workshops are held on Saturdays throughout the summer and the aim of the class is to offer young and adults are place where they can express their creativity through clay, learn modeling and painting techniques and have fun.

Where was the workshop held and what was the venue like?

Since the weather tends to be scorching, the workshop was held outside in the yard of the Café. There were tables and benches / chairs set out in the shadows and it was quite pleasant for creating.

What projects were the class making and how did your creations turn out?

Everyone got to choose what to work on - the kids mostly selected cheerful, already made decorations like butterflies, sea stars, ice cream, others worked on plates and cups. It was a motley and beautiful selection.

Were you supplied with any materials and did you get any goodies to take home?

As I already said, there were semi-finished things to choose from, although people could choose stone or earthware clay to sculpt their own design. Paints and brushes were also available as well as markers.

What were the teachers like and did you get any one-on-one time?

Teacher Tanya was fantastic - helpful and supporting. She is great with children and everyone got their share of her attention.

Did you pick up any useful tips or tricks that you’ll continue to use at home?

I learnt how to use acrylic paints properly and tips on what clay to buy next time I visit the craft shop.

How big was the class and did you get a chance to chat to any new crafty friends?

There were about 20 people, mostly children with their parents and the atmosphere around the groups was wonderful.

What type of crafters would you recommend this workshop to?

This workshop knows of no age boundaries. Tanya pointed out that many of the kids come to celebrate their birthdays there where the invitees along with the birthday girl/boy work with clay and make something they will take home with them, then there are couples who celebrate their anniversaries creating something together to mark the occasion and there are both adults and children who want to learn something new and express their creativity and imagination through clay.

Have you been inspired to go home and craft something from the class?

Certainly! Can't wait to put my hands on clay!
As a matter of fact Kermika Café were amazing and shared a tutorial for a clay mushroom for the readers of Cut Out + Keep so everyone can join the fun!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Is there a craft workshop or cooking class in your town you'd like to test out for us? Send us a message!




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