Maemae & Co Custom Stamp

Maemae & Co designed us a gorgeous Cut Out + Keep stamp and we couldn't wait to get crafty with it for Craft Test and make some embossed coasters, origami baking boxes and cocktail umbrellas.

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Glitter Embossed Coasters

I've always envied bars with personalised coasters so when our custom stamper from Maemae & Co arrived, I was inspired to use it to stamp and heat emboss some sparkly coasters for the CO+K cocktail bar!

Origami Baking Boxes

A hand-stamped origami bakery box is a simple, fast and adorable way to package up your baked treats for family and friends.

Cocktail Umbrellas

There's nothing better than a cocktail umbrella in your drink to celebrate the summer and our custom stamp from Maemae & Co made it so easy to put a professional touch to our drinks.

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