Iordanov Vodka

We're mixing up a lemon drop martini, candy skull cocktail and macaroons with Iordanov Vodka for this week's Cocktail Hour.

Classic: Lemon Drop Martini

This sweet and fruity martini combines limoncello, lemon juice and vermouth with Iordanov Vodka infused with real lemon drop candies.

Twist: Liquorice & Vodka Macarons

These Iordanov Vodka infused macaroons have crushed lavender in their shells and are filled with a liquorice white chocolate ganache.

Unique: Candy Skull Cocktail

Inspired by the bejewelled skull on the bottle, this cocktail combines Iordanov Vodka with Creme De Cacao Blanc, grenadine, milk and cream for a sweet after dinner drink.

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