Sugru Colours

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with Sugru again and trying out their new colour packs for this week's Craft Test. Get crafty and make a phone case, knitting needle point protectors, rubber beads, footprint flip-flops, strawberry sunglasses, shoe aglets, kitty key covers, a cocktail ring, flower necklace and a sugar skull.

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Knitting Needle Point Protectors by Helen

Using sugru as a modelling material for making things like needle point protectors is really easy, just remember that it is a glue so it is quite sticky! However, it is very malleable, it keeps the shape you mould it to well, it's easy to mix different colours of sugru and you can easily add little extras like gemstones, sequins or glitter. As it comes in a wide range of colours you can really let your imagination go wild and make pretty and useful things in no time at all.

Shoe Aglets by Kay Bay

What I love about it is it's versality; you can literally do anything and everything with it. It's more than a glue, it's a handy and decorative tool perfect for all crafters and DIYer's.

Sugru Kitty Key Covers

Sugru is a unique substance with an endless amount of practical and creative uses. It's somewhere between glue, blu tack and clay and it dries into a hard rubber. I loved the creative freedom it opened up for me, there are so many things I can make now as a crafter that I couldn't have before I knew it existed. It's easy to work with, low mess, and holds it's shape really well.

Earring & Cocktail Ring Sets by Kris

I have to admit I am really not so great with clay, but Sugru is awesome to work with. I read up on the history of how it came about on the website and it was really interesting. The best part about it is that it can be crafty and practical. I used the excess from my projects to do "hack" a bunch of things around the house. A little goes a long way. I also like that you have a set time (30 minutes) to do things with it. It really forces you to do planning ahead of time and have a backup plan if something does go exactly right. I found it a nice test for myself, who can sometimes fly on the seat of my pants on projects.

Phone Case by Kylie

I loved using this product as i found it easy to mould, easy to blend to make other colours and also you don't have to cook it like polymer clay so saves on your gas bill!

Sugru Footprints by Jessa

I'd have to say what I like best about Sugru is that it allows you to fix and create things FAST. It's easy to use, and your only limit is your imagination. Also, when I mentioned it to my 16 year old, he got very excited- He knew what it was without any explanation from me- so I let him use some and he made a tablet stand : )

Strawberry Sunglasses by Katie

After creating the sunglasses and using the Sugru, I was very happy with the final results. I thought that the Sugru had many ''characteristics'' of clay which made it easy to shape and mould. The only thing that I noticed, was that you had to be mindful of how long you worked with the Sugru. If you worked with the Sugru longer than a half hour, the product would start to crack. Other than that, I thought the product worked really well for this small project and that the fruit itself came out looking pretty realistic!

Rubber Beads by Kristina

I liked working with sugru, as it isn't messy and easy to mold. It is able to stimulate the imagination like playdoh except this acts like glue and stays in place, which is handy for all the DIY needs.

Sugru Flower Necklace by Thea

sugru made it so easy for what I had in my head to come alive in my hands, it's versatile and fun!

Sugru Sugar Skull by Eryn

I liked the malleability, it's superior to clay in that way and it doesn't leave residue on your hands which is great for clean up!

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