Mariya from poutnshout recreates the look of Lily Allen and gives her a dramatic glittery makeover.

I love that even though her style keeps changing, she always manages to strike the perfect balance of playful and feminine. It's like the fashion lovechild of slightly chavvy girl-next-door swag and queenly sparkling fabulousness.

Classic Look

From TV appearances to music videos to stage performances, Lily Allensmore trademark glitter accented eye makeup always dazzles. It's such a simple way to really jazz up an otherwise ordinary look, and I think it really suits her, both as an artist and persona.


Well, what's better than glitter? MORE glitter! I thought I'd take the sparkle up a notch: instead of having the glitter just as an accent, I'd incorporate it into an extended smokey eye and make it a real statement feature.

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