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Join Kathie at the Weaving For Beginners Workshop by Simone Meentzen at Betahaus Berlin and learn how-to weave on a cardboard loom.

Workshop Details


16th May 2015

Hosted By: Simone Meentzen


Betahaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Price: 40€

Tell us a little bit about the workshop, the aim of the class and who it was organised by?

It was a weaving class for absolute beginners. The aim was to learn and practice how to weave tapestry from start to finish. The workshop was organized by artist and textile designer Simone Meentzen and Betahaus Berlin.

Where was the workshop held and what was the venue like?

The workshop was held at Betahaus Berlin, the most known co-working place in Berlin. Our room was bright and spacious with a beautiful mixture of minimalist and vintage furniture. A lot of the furniture seemed to be handmade, actually - I especially loved the lampshades that turned out to be made out of cardboard and colorful paper. The whole place had a creative and inspiring atmosphere about it, which is the perfect setting for a DIY workshop.

What projects were the class making and how did your creations turn out?

The aim of the class was to learn how to weave tapesty, something I wanted to try for quite some time now. Apart from some historical facts and examples of famous weaving artists, we were making a tapestry sample during the class. We learned how to prepare the loom before weaving, a variation of techniques and design ideas from steps to braids and practiced everything directly in our weaving.
So everones weaving looked kind of similar, but the color and material choices really made them unique and every single one turned out great!
Mine had a lot of teal and mint colors in it with some accents of yellow and pink and I love how it turned out.

Were you supplied with any materials and did you get any goodies to take home?

There was the possibility to bring your own loom and wool to the workshop, but as we were all complete beginners we were supplied with everything we needed to get started: loom, comb, shuttle, wool and everything you need to start weaving. After the workshop we got to take home our finished weaving and all the supplies to start another one at home.

What were the teachers like and did you get any one-on-one time?

Simone was a very patient and helpful teacher. We were just a small group of people, so she had time to have a look at everyone's progress, answer questions and give a helping hand whenever it was needed. She also encouraged us to implement our own ideas or experiment with techniques and materials.

Did you pick up any useful tips or tricks that you’ll continue to use at home?

Never put too much yarn on the shuttle. And weavers don't do knots.

How big was the class and did you get a chance to chat to any new crafty friends?

We were only eight girls, which made it a very cosy event where everyone had the chance to get to know the others. I can honestly say that they all were a bunch of crazy talented people!

What type of crafters would you recommend this workshop to?

This workshop was made for total beginners. You could get all the materials you need there, which is great. However, it's probably best not to be new to crafts in general, because the pace was relatively high.

Have you been inspired to go home and craft something from the class?

Absolutely. That was definitely not the last weaving I made.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Is there a craft workshop or cooking class in your town you'd like to test out for us? Send us a message!




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