Rock Rose Gin

We're experimenting with Rock Rose Gin from Caithness in Scotland for this week's floral infused Cocktail Hour and mixing up a Rose Rose Martini, White Chocolate Rose and baking a Cherry & Rose Gin Loaf.

Classic: Rock Rose Martini

Inspired by the zesty Caithness botanicals of Rock Rose Gin, this martini combines the gin with vermouth, fresh lemon and the aniseed taste of absinthe for an aromatic martini.

Twist: Cherry & Rose Gin Loaf

Fruity and floral, this loaf is infused with Rock Rose Gin for a sweet treat which will win hearts faster than a bouquet of roses.

Unique: White Chocolate Rose

This floral drink combines Rock Rose Gin with grenadine, rose essence, milk, melted white chocolate and rose petal ice cubes for a romantic dessert cocktail.

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