Mara Seaweed

Our Sidekicks are experimenting with Mara Seaweed from Scotland for today's Craft Test and cooking stir fried broccoli, sweet potato & scallop savoury pancakes, fish pie and a tomato & basil tart.

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Stir Fried Sesame And Dulse Seaweed Broccoli by Laura

I was amazed by how much flavour the dulse added - it's rich, smokey, has a great umami sensation on the tongue and it's lower in sodium that salt.

Sweet Potato & Scallop Savoury Pancakes by Cat

The seaweed added a really nice taste to the pancakes which worked well with the saltiness of the scallops.

Fish Pie by Helen

It's described on the pack as a healthy alternative to salt but it also has a fresh, seaside taste that I thought would complement a fish pie perfectly.

Tomato And Basil Tart by Dave

I tasted the stuff and although Asian seemed the obvious way to go, I was intrigued by the whole umami thing, and wanted to try it with some Western food…so I decided ripe tomatoes and some sharp cheese were the way to go…

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