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Mix up a Brooklyn Breakfast, De Gentsche Moale and The Silver Cheeze Fizz, De Gentsche Moale with Jiggers in Ghent, Belgium.

How did you get started?

We started about three years ago, before that I was working in a big bar with next to it a restaurant attached. My boss gave me a lot of opportunities to train myself and push innovations in the bar up to a certain point where for myself I came to a roof. For me the constant switching of the staff which makes it hard to train them, the lack of personal service made me choose for a small place with a small staff and high quality personal service.
After a search of more than a year looking for the wright place, I found a basement with a tetras next to the canal. Love at first sight!

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Ghent a medieval city in Belgium said to be one of Europe's best kept secrets according to Lonely Planet.
We've got lots of beer, cheese, chocolate a rising amount of incredible restaurants and more and more good cocktailspots.
More then worth a visit!

What are your specialities?

Our handwritten menu changes every week. Offering 5 suggestions based on classics we try to offer a diverse selection. We try to produce all the ingredients such as syrups, infusions, soda's, tinctures, garnish in-house except for the spirits. Keeping it seasonal and as local as possible I would say we are specialized in non conformist drinks. Apart from the drinks I can only hope that our service is one of our specialties but that's not up to me to decide...

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

The fact that we change it every week. Mostly we have two cocktails, one sour style, a long drink and a savory one. Depending on the season that might change. More long and refreshing drinks in the summer for example.

What's on the stereo?

From Wu-tang to Zappa, Cumbia from the likes of Copia Doble Systema and Italian classics. If it fits the mood we'll play it. We try to avoid the stereotype elevator jazz although once and a while there's some funky tune in that elevator!

Where else should we visit in your area?

Come over for the week(-end) and we'll tell you all about our street and the city. There's to much to do!
Here's a few though…
SMAK museum of modern arts
DOK in the summertime
Borgoyen nature reserve park
Gravensteen (a real medieval castle!)
For food, coffee, drinks and party;
Simon Says, Ramen, Uncle Babe's, J.E.F., Publiek, Alberte, The Drifter, Old Fashioned, Charlatan, JOS, Den Turk, El Negocito, Vitrine, Labath, the list is endless...

Do you host any special events?

For example, during the Ghentse Feesten ( a ten day festival throughout the entire city with music, streettheatre, lots of alcohol and much more) we organize a Pop-up with a specific theme, we do regular guestbartendingsessions where we invite bartenders from all over and there's a Jigger's school where we train future bartenders and fanciers.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Did we mention our amazing city?

Do you have a favorite cafe, restaurant or bar in your town that we should feature? Send us a message!




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