Embellie Gellie from ScraPerfect

We're getting creative with the Embellie Gellie from ScraPerfect for today's Craft Test and crafting a range of fiddly projects including a Steampunk Necklace, Marquee Name Brooch, Embellie Gellie Pendant & Greeting Card.

Steampunk Necklace by Susan

For anyone with shaky hands, this is a great product. I was able to pick up and place the tiniest beads. Thanks so much for letting me know about it. I’m going to definitely keep using it.

Marquee Name Brooch by Cat

Attaching tiny crystals to the heads of sewing pins would have been an awfully fiddly task without the Embellie Gellie but this made it as simple as could be!

Embellie Gellie Pendant by Ames

Embellie Gellie is the ultimate in scrapbooking tools. Unlike finger tips, Embellie Gellie allows you to lift up your small paper scraps with ease, and without adding wrinkles or folds. It's also an amazing alternative to tweezers when crafing with small charms and rhine stones!

Greeting Card by Harmonee

I liked this Embellie Gellie product, because it made the leaf sequins look 3D... instead of just flat!

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Thanks for thinking of me when this came up! I had a lot of fun!
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