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DIY Statement Necklaces

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We chat to Erin, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make a finger knit necklace and crystal spike necklace.

Cat recreates the style of celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson's kitchen.

I've always loved Nigella's kitchen from the glimpses you get during her cooking shows. The fairy lights and cluttered ornaments give it a really cosy but modern feel.

We've testing out Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin for this week's Cocktail Hour and mixing up a classic French 75, Marmalade Gin & Tonic and a batch of Raspberry Spiced Gin Brownies.

Outfit Details

  • Hat - Topshop and DIY
  • Dress - Ladakh
  • Necklace - DIY
  • Bag - Kmart
  • Tights - Target
  • Shoes - Dr Martens
  • Bracelet - Medic Alert

DIY Constellation Embellished Felt Hat

Recreate the look with Lisa's constellation hat tutorial:

Check out Constellation Embellished Felt Hat on Cut Out + Keep

What’s not to love about Edinburgh. You get all the perks that come with living in a city, as well as an atmospheric old town and gorgeous scenery - it really does have everything.

We head behind the scenes at Madge's Scrappin Lounge to tour her craft room in Lehi, Utah.

I have to admit I have many things that I love about my Scrappin' Lounge. The bright walls done in Green and Pink scream happiness. The bright white cabinets make the room look fresh and clean. However, my very favorite thing about my space is that it is MINE! I can go into my little studio of heaven, turn on some music or watch a movie and get lost in the creative process.

Anna Bean recreates the colorful and flamboyant style of comedian Noel Fielding.

Noel fielding is a very abstract/flamboyant British comedian/artist who expresses his colorful and unique mind through fashion. He has let loose his creative style in in most known comedy series (The Mighty Boosh, and Luxury Comedy).

63-65 Henderson Street, Edinburgh EH6 6ED • Visit Website »

Mix an Old Fashioned, French Martini and The Milligan shot with Sofi's Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Learn how-to make s hooks with Muhaiminah and then use one to make her colourful Seed Bead Payel.

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Jess H.

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We head to Cabot, Arkansas to meet Jess who has been sewing since she was 9!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found CO+K through stumbleupon.com actually. I was browsing DIY Clothing.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am always "working" on multiple projects. I have a whole dresser full, while my real clothes are in Tupperware. my steady project i'm trying to get done now, is a summer dress out of a table cloth and 4 matching napkins. I just need the time to finish it.

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