Lomo'Instant Camera Giveaway

We're getting creative with the new Lomo'Instant camera from Lomography for today's Craft Test and showing you how to take some arty long and double exposure shots, give your camera a washi tape makeover and recycle a leather bag into a lomo camera strap.

We've also got a Lomo'Instant camera up for grabs to one lucky winner, just click below to enter and if you'd like to receive news and offers from Lomography, tick the opt-in button to receive their newsletter.

Alter Ego Selfie

Take an arty portrait revealing your alter ego superhero with the Lomo'Instant's multiple exposure mode.

Lomo Camera Strap

Every photography needs a good strap and you can easily recycle an old leather bag into an arty camera strap showcasing some of your favourite Lomo shots.

Long Exposure Light Trails

Experiment with the long exposure setting on the Lomo'Instant and paint light trails in the air for a stunning night time shot.

Washi Tape Camera Makeover

Change the look of your camera to suit your style, just as often as you change your film, with an adorable washi tape makeover.

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