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Learn how-to cook a 'Truckle Pig' Grilled Cheese with Cairngorm Coffee in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How did you get started?

I like to state that 'Cairngorm Coffee' was conceived in the Highlands, and founded in Edinburgh, as it was sitting in my family home in Newtonmore in the thick of the Cairngorms that I first pitched the concept. After a couple of months of draughting business plans, meeting suppliers and developing the initial ideas, I found a property pretty quick and moved to Edinburgh to set about making the dream and reality.

Where are you located?

We are located on Frederick St, just off of George St in the centre of town. It's a 'semi-basement' shop and therefore can be a little hard to see at first, but we like this challenge!

What are your specialities?

We have two very focused specialities. We like to think of ourselves as a 'specialist coffee' shop, and therefore the first would be our coffee. We work with a brilliant Stockbridge based roaster called Mr Eion who has developed a great blend for us, and we take a lot of pride in delivering our passion to the centre of town.

Our second is our Grilled Cheese sandwich which has become a definite favourite amongst our customers. We take great care to use fantastic cheeses to make our special blend - a stand out of these being a Truckle Cheddar from Tain in the Highlands. We add to that local Chilli Jam made by Jones & Son, and we think it's perfect focussed food, in keeping with the Street Food craze that has taken over the UK.

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

As above, my personal favourite would be the Grilled Cheese, with some additional thick cut ham added.

What's on the stereo?

This depends on the Baristas on duty, but it's usually a pretty eclectic mix of Motown, Indie Folk, Blues, Funk & Reggae. We never play the radio and almost never play anything chart related as we prefer some more unusual tunes!

Where else should we visit in your area?

I'm a huge fan of supporting local start ups and as such find myself venturing to as many as I can muster. I don't think you can go wrong with Burger Meats Bun on Forth St, Fortitude Coffee on York Place, Jones & Son pop up when it's around at the Tramstop Market, as well as our Roaster - Mr Eion on Dean Park St (he's always happy to say hi!).

Do you host any special events?

We are in the midst of looking into doing some but it's all under wraps for the time being. Check back towards Christmas time and hopefully things will be a little more developed. If anyone has any ideas though, we're always happy to chat!

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

I suppose just that we are running a pretty tempting offer at the moment to try and encourage local workers to buy their morning coffee from us as opposed to the larger chains. For £2.65 you can have any coffee (excluding our Filter option) to sit in or takeaway, as well as either a Butter, Chocolate or Almond croissant locally baked each morning.

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