Thunder Toffee Vodka

We're experimenting with a delicious bottle of Thunder Toffee Vodka for this week's CocktailHour and mixing up a toffee appletini, banoffee daiquiri and some toffee nut marshmallows.

Classic: Toffee Nut Marshmallows

Soft, fluffy and delicious, these marshmallows are filled with chopped nuts and laced with Thunder Toffee Vodka for an extra indulgent treat.

Twist: Toffee Appletini

This martini combines Thunder Toffee Vodka with apple schnapps and vermouth to give the classic appletini, a sweet toffee apple inspired twist.

Unique: Banoffee Daiquiri

This daiquiri combines Thunder Toffee Vodka with rum, banana and simple syrup for a sweet cocktail which tastes just like banoffee pie. Perfect for dessert lovers!

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