Silhouette Portrait

We're getting crafty with the Silhouette Portrait in today's Craft Test by making a marquee bar sign, interchangeable bokeh lens and papercut butterfly specimen box. We're also giving our readers in the US & Canada a chance to win their own, just click below to enter!

Marquee Bar Sign

Light up your cocktail bar with a marquee letter bar sign! I've made 3D letters by hand in the past, which took ages and looked a little shabby. Using the Silhouette Portrait cutting machine for this bar sign, speeded up the project, saving me hours and gave the lights a professional even finish. The letters are made from red card, mirrorboard and a set of RAMSTA diamond fairy lights from Ikea with the total cost was less than $20 (£15).

Interchangeable Bokeh Lens

This bokeh lens with interchangeable shape slides was the perfect project to make with the Silhouette Portrait. Making the lens only took a few minutes and I was able to cut out tiny accurate shapes for the slides which would have been really difficult to do by hand.

Papercut Butterfly Specimen Box

This papercut butterfly box has all the beauty of a real specimen box without hurting any butterflies! The Silhouette Portrait is great for cutting out lots of shapes quickly which was ideal for this specimen box. I kept this design quite simple but you could get creative with shapes, using different types of butterfly or insect for a more varied box.

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