Mary Christina recreates the California glow of reality star Audrina Patridge from The Hills and gives her a smokey eyed makeover.

Audrina mixes fun and the seasonal trends, it sounds easy but it's not! She doesn't get caught up in wearing the same look often and knows how to mix color and texture in her outfits effortlessly

Classic Look

Audrina has that California glow, you can't leave home without it! Thank goodness for tan in a can, right? Start with a tan and get your skin in tip top shape to really perfect the look! The key elements to her look are beautiful skin and smoky eyes. If you aren't familiar with smoky eyes you can get it right with a simple trick I share in my second look!


Audrina already has some really great makeup looks photographed everywhere online, in magazines and on television. I hope watching this tutorial shows you just how easy it is to change up a look just for fun and not because you have too! Variety is the spice of life, right?

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