Leanashe23 recreates the rock chick makeup of Shirley Manson from Garbage and gives her a bold makeover.

There's just something about this pale skinned, pale eyed headstrong rock chick that I can really relate to.

Classic Look

The strong blue eye and red lip is quite a dare to wear look. But Shirley has it down to a T! I decided to have a go at it myself. My eyebrows are a completely different shape to Shirley but I added a red tint to them to pay homage to Shirley's red hair.


I decided to stay true to Shirley's quirky and bold style of make up and made sure I didn't . However I decided to experiment with some colours that I feel complements pale blue eyes and also I haven't really seen Shirley in much before. I decided to be brave and give a deep dark red lip a go too as I think Shirley would rock that!

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