Karla from Sparkles Makeup recreates the look of rock chick Hayley Williams and gives her a smokey & sultry makeover.

I love Hayley Williams and I have for years now. I think her style is awesome and each time you see her she either has a different hair colour or different makeup. She's a little wild with her makeup and is willing to wear anything. That's why I would love to do her makeup, I think she would let you get creative and come up with any look.

Classic Look

It was kinda hard to find a specific look she's worn more than once or that I would consider her classic style. I did some searching and I noticed she has worn quite a simple look on the red carpet a couple of times.It's Fresh and flirty looking and very simple with the liner and a coral tint on the lips.


The makeover I would give Hayley is definitely right up my alley but I think she would also wear it. It's got bright colours but is also smokey and sultry which I think Hayley doesn't do very often and I would like to see her with some thing sultry. The look is also inspired by the colours you would find during Fall.

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