Outfit Details

  • Top - Bershka
  • Shirt - Pull & Bear
  • Shoes - from a local store (but can be found on many online) and DIY (see below)
  • Jeans and beanie - ASOS

DIY Acid Wash Shoes

Recreate the look with Alice's acid wash shoes tutorial:

Check out Diy: Acid Wash Shoes on Cut Out + Keep

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is very eclectic, one day I can wear a vintage dress with ballerina shoes then the next day ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

I can't really say, there is this beautiful velvet dress which I adore but is not so wearable and then my denim jacket I wear non stop.

Who are your style icons?

There are two people that got me into this blogging and youtube thing, first one is Lehappy, I really love her style (and her hair), she is probably my favourite blogger. Second one is CutiepieMarzia, she has an amazing vintage style that is very different to anything I had seen before.

Do you have any favourite designers?

I do. Lately I am getting a lot into designers that are not so popular, one of them is the girl who created Artka (I think her name is Aka), I actually did a review about it on YouTube some weeks ago. Another one is Uncle Peter Pan who makes beautiful dresses and sells them taobao.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes?

I generally shop online but when I have the chance to go shopping I usually go for stores such as Pull&Bear, Mango and H&M.

Do you make or customise your outfits?

Yes, I love doing so! I am learning to sew and some weeks ago I made a tartan skirt. I am also learning to knit to make sweaters and accessories.

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?

You can always find inspiration on other people but try to make your style personal and unique, you can wear anything you like, no matter what other people say, if it makes you feel good, go for it!

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

Lehappy, as I mentioned before, Willa's Cherry bomb, Salt and Chic, Feeling Vague, etc.

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