Wool And The Gang

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with knit kits from Wool And The Gang in today's #CraftTest and putting their own twists on each kit to make them unique.

Lobster Bag by Cat

This bucket bag from Wool & The Gang is perfect for toting your towels to the beach and every Mermaid needs a friendly sidekick like Sebastian, so I decided to turn mine into a lobster with claws and legs.

Mixtape Bracelet by Amanda

Working with super chunky yarn means using simple stitches to yield big results. Single crochet is easy enough for beginners to learn quickly and still get amazing, statement projects. The mixtape wool is soft and strong, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Simple Cat Toys by Cat

You may find your self with some left over materials and want to use them up, so here is the perfect way to spoil your cat with some crochet cat toys. This also includes a tutorial for the easiest and cheapest way to make Pom Poms. "I recently found myself with some left over materials after making the Furby Basket from Wool And The Gang, the Furby Basket is a cat basket, now the cat has some new toys too! Wow, what a fun project!"

School Supplies Tote by Nora

This was a lovely kit. There was more than enough yarn, and it was luscious and easy to work with. Great stitch definition. And the needles! Simply gorgeous. Great for beginners, and easily customizable for the more experienced.

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