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Learn how-to bake a traditional Leicester Sand Cake in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Amy in Leicestershire, England.

Leicester and the wider county of Leicestershire has an established food culture - Red Leicester cheese, of course, but also Stilton, Pork Pies and crisps (Walkers are based in the city). But for this challenge I fancied having a go at something a little different. In a book entitled 'A Taste of the East Midlands' compiled by Julia Skinner (Francis Frith: 2009, p. 71), I came across an intriguing recipe for 'Leicester Sand Cake'. I have never heard of such a thing and I certainly hadn't thought Leicester was particularly well known for cake. But it attracted me, not least because the name raised a chuckle - Leicester is just about the furthest away from the sea (and any sandy beaches) you can get in the country!

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I do fancy a stay at Berlin's OSTEL Hostel - GDR ostalgie to the max! And while I'm there I'd love to relocate the Vietnamese restaurant my Berlin-based friend took me to a few years ago. I haven't forgotten the delicious spicy duck noodle soup I had there.

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