Judith recreates her new dream workspace for today's #DIYTheRoom

I have picked out 10 projects for my new re-vamped work room. Right now it is a mess-a dull and uninspiring room in our cellar. I sew clothes and small things, quilt, make jewellery, work with wool-feltmaking, scrap book and am always busy with various arts and crafts projects. Sometimes I have groups of friends in for classes in PMC jewellery and sewing, so I need a big table for my projects and a lot of chairs, a small table for my sewing machine and serger and lighting over the table. I would go for bright, bold colours and bling-inspiration and glam! I love the 70’s colours and patterns, so I would opt for the orange, yellow, pink, green, blue colour scheme with crazy big splashes of colour everywhere-alongside the glitter and bling! I have got lots of scraps of bright fabrics and bucket-loads of buttons for the magnets- making them would be my ”sitting-in-front-of-the-tv-in-the-evenings” project and the paper weights I could use for keeping my paper pattern pieces flat on the fabric when sewing. A really big gilded frame would be great to show off my jewellery and keep it all organized and the cabinet would be perfect for my beads, silver clay and all the bits and pieces needed for my projects The pallet sofa would be nice to curl up in when I work on my hand quilting, embroidery, or sewing. Both the sofa and the floor lamp would be painted and covered with 70’s style fabrics. I can’t wait to get started! :-)

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