Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia •

Cook an Australia inspired Mango Mousse in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Tiffany in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

What I love about this town is that it's relaxed. It's not glamorous like we see Hawaii. It's fun, it's easy, is casual would be the best word to describe it. We can have Barbecues and picnics on the beach, hence the choice of mango mouse, you can walk from town to the beach, if you want to feel fancy you can walk from the beach into a bar that overlooks the water. If you don't like the beaches there are rivers. Everything here is so lush and alive, blue oceans, white sand and trees and green everywhere.

Travel Wishlist:

I would very much like to visit England next, but I wouldn't know what I'd like to eat there, I have been to France and I LOVED there Creme Brulee, nothing here tastes quiet the same, and I would love to learn how to cook it. The French way not the Aussie way.

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