Lisa from Dazed & Beautiful recreates the makeup of Adele for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a grungy makeover.

I love how classic Adele's style is. She is the perfect example of being effortlessly glamorous. I love her 1950's pin up style and that it is so simple but can go with any occasion from an album cover to a red carpet.

Classic Look

I love Adele's classic look. The bold eyeliner with the nude lip is just timeless and can suit anyone. I love how easy it is to recreate and with a few subtle changes either to the eyes or the lips it can instantly be transformed into another look completely.


Adele has always stuck with nude, matte shades so I thought by adding in some deep purple and shimmer it would be a complete change for her and I would love to see if she would suit a more smoky, grungy side!

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