Hedemora, Sweden •

Learn how-to cook traditional Swedish meatballs known as with Judith in Hedemora.

Traditional Swedish food is all about following the seasons- pickled herring and fresh salmon in the Spring. beef and mushrooms, strawberries and wild strawberries in the summer. crayfish and fermented herring (very, very smelly), blueberries, lingonberries and up North cloudberries in the Autumn. For a few weeks in September-October Sweden more-or-less closes down when the elk hunting season begins, so for a lot of families elk is a main source of meat, too. and in the Winter- salted ham, pickled herring, beetroots and swedes (not the human variety...)

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Japan has always fascinated me and going there one day is at the top of my bucket-list. I would love to learn more about their food and how to prepare a dish or two…

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