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Learn how to bake a batch of Brummie bacon cakes and a walnut loaf with Wolverhampton's Baked in Tettenhall.

How did you get started?

Baking has always been a family affair & weekend family meals for many years have involved the whole family working together to come together to create some baked sensations; some better than others!
Brother and Sister Catherine & Richard both translated this amateur passion for baking into professional skills through training at Unniversty Foood College in Birmingham and the School for Artisan Food I'm Derbyshire as well as work in the food industry that helped with the food management and hygiene side of the business that has been integral to our success.
When the local 'Pseudo' bakery (a bakery without ovens- really?!) was up for sale in 2012 we realised as a family this would be a great opportunity to turn our family passion into a business! With a prime location within a thriving village & demand for Real Bread not being fulfilled in the local area we pooled our hard earned savings & took the plunge! We are passionate about 'real food' & do not use any artificial preservatives, colourings, additives or dough developers in any of our products. Baking everything from scratch fresh everyday has been challenging, labour intensive & hard work (especially in the early months!) but we feel the taste reflects thus freshness even in our simple White tin loaf!

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of the Black Country in a pretty village called Tettenhall. There is a great community feel to the area and a real passion amongst the local community for a local bakery that actually produced Real Bread! The support of the local community has been overwhelming and really supported us; realising that there is a demand for your product and a real will for you to succeed helps with your focus and passion especially at 1am in the morning!

What are your specialities?

Kick in the Walnuts - this is a speciality bread made with rye flour, walnuts, raisins & cinnamon with a 'kick' of pink peppercorn at the end. A real taste sensation that is like no other bread we have ever tasted! Our customers love it & it's great with cheese especially blue!

Sourdough's - we bake a variety of sourdough breads with 'wild tettenhall yeast' include white sourdough, hazelnut & our favourite Belgian chocolate Chilli sourdough!

Sasuage Rolls - our sasuage rolls with freshly made pastry are a customer favourite - we struggle to back enough & they normally sell out before they are even out the oven!

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

Catherine - raspberry & Belgian chocolate brioche - fresh brioche with oozing chocolate and local raspberries- nom nom!

Richard - A tough one - individual Apple pies and fresh custard tarts- traditional British bakery products that really show off why our fresh everyday ethos has been critical to ur success - simple and classical the true flavours of each ingrident really come through and she why fresh is always best!

What's on the stereo?

The bustle of a busy bakery! We have opened up our kitchen area so that the customers are immersed in the magic of the bakery - it does slow us down because customers always want to talk to us and ask us questions but it's part of what makes Baked unique!

Where else should we visit in your area?

Robinsons - award winning local butcher and deli

Billies - local fruit and veg shop with outstanding flower arrangements fly Louise!

the Lynch Gate Tavern - Wolverhampton pub with 15 different Real Ales - perfect compliment to our Real Bread

Hail to the Ale - a micro pub less than a mile away from the bakery - perfect relaxation for when we have any time off!

Do you host any special events?

We support the Real Bread Campaigns 'Sourdough September' each year where we host a number of customer competitions to encourage customers to try sourdough and guess the secret i trident!

We also host a yearly anniversary BBQ as a thank you to out customers and a way to raise some cash for our charities Compton Hospice and Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

Tettenhall Village Christmas Light switch on - this is great event and attended by ver 5,000 people last year. We normally serve mulled wine to keep everyone warm - hot wine with freshly baked sasuage rolls and pizza - need I say more?!

In addition, there is a local 'Make or Bake' food & craft festival that takes place three times a year which we support - lots of free samples

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

We recently appeared on Britians Best Bakery where we were regional finalists - this was a great opportunity to represent the local 'Black Country' and showcase some of our local specialties like Brummie Bacon Caked with our own unique pork scratching crumble topping!

In addition, we have supported the government backed apprenticeship scheme and Birmingham University food college work placement scheme- there are not enough young bakers we are getting the experience to work in real bakeries and it is sad that many of the courses now being run locally are teaching our future bakers how to bake supermarket bread out of a packet.

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