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KatieAlves recreates the colourful makeup of Katy Perry and gives her a makeover inspired by her Roar music video.

I love how fun and colourful Katy Perry's style can be. Seeing some of her outfits from her tours is jaw dropping sometimes. The creativity is amazing! It's interesting to see how many different styles she can pull off. She's got her crazy, colourful side with cupcakes and candies. Then she can have a super glamorous look then switch it up and go dark, punky and gothic. It's always a surprise with her! Katy Perry's style is quite similar to mine. So doing a makeup for her would be amazing. I feel like she would be up for just about anything. She wouldn't be too shy to wear something absolutely out of this world, which is something a makeup artist always dreams of!

MissDarkMark recreates the glamorous home of burlesque star Dita Von Teese:

Dita Von Teese is a very glamorous and classy lady, and this is very well reflected in her home. I love all the rich colours and bold fabrics that have been used and how each room has its own theme, yet they all seem to flow well together. She has some very unusual and quirky decor that not everyone would be able to get away with, how ever shows how dedicated Dita is to the vintage lifestyle. It can defiantly be said that she has put her own stamp on this home.

Sarah Burford is the textile artist, illustrator and dreamer behind the pocket sized showgirls at Curious Pip.

The majority of Sarah's work is inspired by her lifelong fascination with old Hollywood - particularly the 1930's. She draws upon the style and sophistication of actresses such as Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow and Ginger Rogers to create unique, one off, art dolls and illustrations that mesmerize and bring to mind a bygone era of sizzling glamour.

Sarah has been making and painting for as long as she can remember. As a child she'd watch old movies and sketch all her favourite costumes, she'd also raid her grandmas cupboards and wardrobe - a treasure chest of hats, net curtains and old coats to create her very own unique dressing up box.

Curious Pip. has become a worldwide success since the business started in 2011. Last year she won Best Vintage Style Artist at The National Vintage Awards and enjoys a constant flow of work from all corners of the globe. Many of Sarah's dolls and illustrations have skipped off to destinations that Sarah's not yet even set foot.

Sarah works from her ever expanding studio space at home in Bristol UK which she shares with her dashing architect husband and cheeky six year old son.

Outfit Details

  • Headband - made by me 
  • Glasses - vintage via Etsy 
  • Shirt - made by me (see below)
  • Jacket - ThredUp 
  • Belt - Target 
  • Jeans - American Eagle 
  • Boots - Rampage 
  • Bag - Target

Western Style Yoke Modification

Recreate the look with Rochelle's Western style yoke modification tutorial:

Check out Western Style Yoke Modification on Cut Out + Keep

We head to North Berwick for this week's cocktail hour where we're mixing up winter warmers with NB Gin.

Erica from Sweets & Hearts recreates the look of Wednesday Addams for today's Halloween DIY The Look:

Though there isn't much written on her, Wednesday Addams is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. She seems antisocial and has a fascination with all things creepy, but I like that she's also very intelligent and has a dark sense of humor. I love that her style is reminiscent of 1960's school girls, with an exaggerated pointed collar and classic Mary-Janes. I curated a few awesome tutorials I think Wednesday herself would rock in today's world. Just remember to carry around a headless doll, stick to a mostly black palette and try not to smile. Ever.

We head behind the scenes at Molliepop and tour Mollie's craft nook in Savannah, TN.

My favorite thing about the space is that there's lots and lots of natural night.

Glasgow, Scotland •

The first thing to note about Glasgow as Scotland's largest city is that every corner is it's own pocket world and entirely different vibe. The city centre is busy, bustling and vibrant, has all the shopping and attractions you'd expect of a metropolitain city. As the second oldest city in the UK, it has lots of fantastic old arcitecture, beautiful listed buildings and all you have to do is look up! Or better still, head to the Lighthouse and catch this view.

11 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 5AP • Visit Website »

We learn how-to do a long tail cast on for both left and right handed knitters with Edinburgh's Ginger Twist Studio.

Harley recreates the look of Harley Quinn from Batman for today's second Halloween DIY The Look:

The thing about Harleys look that I like the most is the chaos in it, it’s like every look she has dawned just screams "I’m a psychotic" and that’s what I like, being a pretty twisted individual myself I think it’s safe to assume that I’m honest when I say: ‘nothing screams love me like being dowsed into pudding pie' I also don’t really know where I was going with that.... Enjoy the DIY the look of Harley the Queen and I wish you all a very happy Halloween.

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