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Arkolina is an illustrator from the south UK, her hair is constantly changing colour and she's almost always watching cartoons when she's not drawing, painting, working her day job or being harrassed by her Quaker Parrot. She collects toys and photographs them as a hobby and is looking forward to making the transition to full time freelance illustrator when she can. She thinks you're cute too.

Outfit Details

  • Momjeans - Primark
  • Top - Thrifted
  • Shoes - Zara
  • Coat - Zara
  • Bag - from Kuala Lumpur

How-To Style Momjeans

Recreate the look with Shalane's tips for styling momjeans:

Check out Momjeans on Cut Out + Keep

2 East Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401 • Visit Website »

We learn how-to sew an elastic waistband skirt with Fabrika Fine Fabrics in Savannah, Georgia.

Pretoria, South Africa • Visit Website »

Everything is closeby. If you want to go shopping, there are unlimited options. If you want to go clubbing, there are student hotspots such as Hatfield Square which are full of clubs and bars. If you want to spend time in nature, there are national parks and gardens everywhere. I live quite close to the city centre, but not close enough for the noise or anything to affect us. We have an amazing view of the city though, especially at night with all the city lights!

We head to Chesterfield in the UK to go behind the scenes at Knit & Destroy and tour Kandy Diamond's colour-blocked craft room.

I recently had a big tidy and sort out, so right now, my favourite thing is my yarn shelves, I colour-blocked them and colour blocking makes me happy.

Hannah from An Old Story recreates the look of fashion designer and star of The Hills, Whitney Port.

Whitney Port has a fearless style influenced by her bi-coastal lifestyle. What I love most about her look is that she's not afraid to pair quirky pieces together. A lot of people would shy away from wearing something bold and possibly looking silly, but not Whitney. Her best accessory is her confidence and it's pretty contagious!

94a Fountainbridge Edinburgh EH3 9QA • Visit Website »

We head to BURGER in Edinburgh to learn how-to cook up a batch of awesome Teriyaki Tofu Burgers.

Liz from Liquid Jelly recreates Alexa Chung's evil eye nail art and gives her an edgy feminine manicure:

I love how Alexa Chung's style is both laid back and chic at the same time. It looks effortless because of how well each piece works with each other. And while her outfits look relaxed, they still look refined.

Chelsea from Farm Fresh Therapy recreates the style of TV Host and designer Emily Henderson's home:

Emily Henderson has taken the design world by storm since winning Season 5 of HGTV's Design Star back in 2010. Her eclectic easy going style is reflective of her fun and quirky personality seen in her daily blogging. Her interior design and styling work always leave me in awe- I simply can't get enough of her colorful, bold, vintage yet modern with a touch of rustic style. Often embellished with original flea market finds or DIY projects- I still have yet to see a room she has designed that I haven't wanted to move into right away! She is definitely one of my top design idols!

Outfit Details

  • Hair Braids - DIY (see below)
  • Dress - Romwe
  • Necklace - Romwe
  • Watch - Style Girl
  • Vest - Forever 21
  • Shoes - Just Fab

Milkmaid Braids

Recreate the look with Linda's milkmaid braids hair tutorial:

Check out How To Do Milkmaid Braids on Cut Out + Keep

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