Pickering's Gin

The first gin to be established in Edinburgh in over 150 years, Pickering's have been distilling their handcrafted gin at Summerhall since 2013. With a smooth flavour and hints of citrus, we couldn't wait to put it to the craft test during Cocktail Hour and mix up some unique drinks for you to try at home.

Classic: Berry Bramble

With memories of sipping Pickering's gin in the courtyard of Summerhall one sunny day in Edinburgh, a refreshing and fruity berry bramble felt like the perfect choice for our classic cocktail. It's easy to mix up at home and ideal for cooling down with on a hot day!

Twist: Turkish Delight Gin & Tonic

Inspired by hints of citrus and lemon in Pickering's Gin, the idea for a turkish delight cocktail came to mind. This twist on a gin & tonic combines gin with lemon liqueur, rose lemonade and rose sugar for a drink that's sure to tempt anyone to take a sip.

Unique: Jammie Dodger Martini

Gin and jam mix great together but we wanted to give our unique cocktail a Scottish twist, so we infused vodka with shortbread to create this Jammie Dodger inspired martini.

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