Allison from Quiet Lion Creations recreated the look of Taylor Swift and gives her a bohemian beauty makeover:

The great thing about Taylor Swift is her natural beauty. With minimal makeup and that great curly hair, her style is all about All-American glamour. I wanted to give her style a makeover to something more moody, more gypsy-esque. I think that it would be a great contrast from her otherwise sweet, girl-next-door persona!

Classic Look

I love T. Swift's confidence and her ability to be comfortable without a face full of makeup. This classic look is a great everyday makeup look because of its simplicity, and it lets your natural beauty shine.


This makeover is a total contrast to ordinary Swift. The dark, smoky eyes and the deep lip color add a lot of attitude and a bohemian flair to her look. I think it's a great alternative to her usual preppy-meets-retro style!

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