This week Chloe from Of North recreates the look of the classic silver screen starlet Ginger Rogers:

Ginger Rogers generally wore close fitting dresses and gowns, rather than full skirts, however these ensembles were embellished with whimsical hats and accessories. Fred Astaire nicknamed Ginger "Feathers" after the extravagant dress she wore for the "Cheek to Cheek" number in Top Hat (1935). When dressing more casual, Ginger can be seen sporting boy-ish numbers, such as wide legged pants or tap shorts with collared blouses or scarves tied gaily around her neck. Her clothes were never too constricting, as she needed to be able to move freely without them moving around too much. Ginger wore her hair in waves and pinned close to her head to keep it in place while she danced. Perfect red lips were a given. Ginger abstained from alcohol and kept her bar stocked with ice cream instead! Her favorite drink was an ice cream soda, though ice cream in any form did the trick!

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