This week Erica from Being Erica recreates the look of Glee star Rachel Berry:

Having been a massive child-fan of the musical-movie, it is probably no secret - nor am I ashamed to admit, that I am a Gleek. the way they break out in to song in the hallways, relate every minute drama into a hit song, and of course - the costume changes, what's not to love really? The best thing - besides the amazing tunes, has got to be the character costumes, and there isn't someone's style that I've loved to watch change more than Miss Rachel Berry. From a prim-and-proper goody-two-shoes through high school into a sassy New Yorker in a mere few years, her style has evolved more than it has changed; she's always been a fan of the novelty print and the comfortable shoe, but always with a touch of Broadway Glamour. Her hem-height might be getting shorter as quickly as her heel height is getting taller, but there's something to be said of a girl who can pull off a plaid skirt with knee socks in one scene, to glitter-heeled pumps and vintage LBD in the next.

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You're missing her famous bow-shirt!
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