We head behind the scenes at Dream Quilt Create to tour Cynthia's amazing craft room in Sacramento, California which her husband made as a Christmas present.

"My favorite thing about my space is the table.  It is sturdy and rustic and I just love it!!!!  It makes a beautiful background when I photograph my work for my blog."

Tell us about your space?
My craft room is in the Sacramento area, northern Califonia.  I have lived here almost 3 years. My craft space is in a spare bedroom on the second floor of our house.  It has a big picture window looking out on the street and another window on the side, allowing for a lot of natural light during the day.  I have the room all to myself.  The room is 10 feet by 10 feet, with no room to spread out on the floor.  If I need to, I can use the hall floor. I use this space for a sewing room.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?
My husband designed the space for me as a surprise and it was my Christmas gift.  He bought all the furniture and a few decor pieces to make it extra cozy and cute.  I can see some of my favorite fabric collections and my favorite things such as twine, washi tape, buttons, a sculpture my mother made, some family photos, etc.

How do you keep organized?
I have little bins and containers to keep me organized, and some red and some white Ikea boxes.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?
The Union Jack quilt behind my sewing table is one of my creations.

Where do you look for inspiration?
For inspiration, I have a blog roll on my blog and I follow some other blogs on Blogsy.  I look to other quilters for inspiration, and some of my quilt books.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?
My craft room is my dream craft space.  Not only did my husband design it and surprise me with it at Christmas, but he bought me a dream machine Bernina 750 QE which has made my sewing experiences so much better :)




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