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The best about living in Mexico City is that, no matter where you go or what you do, it will always be an adventure. The people are so lovely and everywhere you look there are so many things that represent what Mexico is.

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There are many craft stores here in Mexico, like Lumen, The New Fenix or Miguel's Fantasy. You can also find a variety of people that sell everything you need to make crafts in the center of Mexico City.

If you want to sell any of your crafts (especially if they are based on Mexican culture) the best place to sell them are: Coyoacan (Is an amazing place where you can find any kind of things and especially the mexican handicrafts are made by ethnic people) also the center of Mexico where the most of the time is full of people trying to buy some crafts.

Be Inspired

Many people here in Mexico (including me :) get inspired by the monuments are the city and by the natural places. When I'm not shopping for crafty stuff, I love to go to the parks in the city or take my whole family to the cinema.

I also love the prehispanic places like Independence Angel and The Pyramids Of Teotihuacan which are so amazing, but you can't come to Mexico without a photo of our food and with a Mariachi band.

Eat & Drink

Everywhere you can find real Mexican food like El Arroyo, El Mayor, and also where is another kind of food like Chilli's and Itallianis.


A good place you can sit down and make as many crafts as you want is the park on Coyoacan where is a beautiful fountain.

There are many Mexican people here that have their own blogs and sometimes have reunions to meet. There are also meetings in places like Miguel's Fantasies, where people share their own crafts and you can go to learn how to make them.

See Something Special

There are many amazing places to visit here in Mexico City and two of them are Xochimilco and also Ajusco, which are natural places you can go and be near to nature, which will leave you feeling in an amazing way!

Take Home A Souvenir

If I were to come to Mexico, I would definitely take a Mexican craft home with with me because it is the most recognisable souvenir. More importantly, they are made with great detail and are also really beautiful.

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